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What's in a name? For us, it's the embodiment of our journey, values, and vision. As we evolve from Lazy8 to L8, we're not just changing a label; we're stepping into a future that reflects our growth, aspirations, and the innovative ethos of our agency. From a quirky, studio-like setup to a global creative powerhouse, our journey has been nothing short of remarkable.


When Lazy8 was born, it was an experiment — a blend of fun and creativity, symbolized by the infinity sign. It served us well, representing our endless creativity and ambition. However, as we expanded our reach to over 400 clients across India, North America, the MENA region, and Singapore, we realized the need for a name that resonates with our growing stature and the seriousness of our global clientele. 'Lazy' no longer aligned with our dynamism, nor did explaining the '8' as infinity in every introduction call.


L8, a crisp and futuristic abbreviation, mirrors our forward-thinking approach. It retains the essence of infinity, symbolizing our boundless creativity and enduring commitment to innovation. This new name is not just shorter and more memorable; it's a nod to our ethos of being future-forward — a creative agency of tomorrow.

A Radical, Future-Forward Approach:

We're not your typical creative agency. L8 stands for a radical rethinking of the conventional. Our fully distributed, zero-asset model breaks geographical barriers, bringing together the best creative minds globally. We champion work-life balance, capping work hours at 80 per month. Leveraging AI and data-driven processes, we're not just efficient; we're pioneers in a new era of creativity.

**Seniority and Efficiency:**

As a flat organization, we focus on quality over quantity. Each member of our team is a seasoned professional, bringing depth and expertise. This top-heavy approach, augmented by AI, means we're not in the headcount game. Our aim? To be lean, efficient, and exceptional.

**Economic Arbitrage and Quality:**

With the majority of our team based in India, we offer a unique economic advantage without compromising on quality. This strategic positioning allows us to provide top-tier services at competitive rates, challenging the traditional norms of the creative industry.


L8 is more than a name; it's our promise to lead the charge in shaping the future of creative agencies. We’re not just part of the evolution; we're writing it. Join us in this exciting new chapter as L8, where creativity meets innovation, efficiency, and global excellence.


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L8 was founded by nav chatterji in 2016 and currently are a global team of 39 members

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