Adidas, a renowned global leader in the sports apparel and footwear industry, has its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company is celebrated for its innovative products and has been a pioneer in blending fashion with functionality in sportswear. At the heart of Adidas is a commitment to quality, performance, and style, appealing to athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike. This commitment extends beyond their products to every aspect of their operations, including their dedicated approach to human resources and employee engagement.

Our collaboration with Adidas was a significant venture, as we worked directly with their global human resources team at the headquarters. As their creative partners, our role was integral in developing and producing a variety of creative collaterals tailored for the HR team's internal use across the global network. This included crafting high-quality print materials, which were essential in facilitating effective communication and engagement within the team. Our efforts also encompassed designing comprehensive presentation decks, which were pivotal in streamlining internal communications and training processes, ensuring that key messages were conveyed clearly and effectively.

In addition to these, we were involved in creating a range of digital assets and motion graphics. These elements were crucial in bringing a dynamic and engaging dimension to the HR team's initiatives. The motion graphics, in particular, added a visually stimulating aspect to internal presentations and campaigns, making them more impactful and memorable. Our work with Adidas's global HR team showcased our ability to deliver diverse creative solutions, from traditional print to advanced digital and motion graphics, all tailored to meet the specific needs and standards of a world-class organization. This project not only reinforced our expertise in diverse media formats but also highlighted our capacity to work effectively with global teams, understanding and addressing their unique requirements in a creative and impactful manner.