What is Infinity? An illusion? A concept?

Or is it the infinite potential that exists in the corners of the mind, waiting to be awakened?

In a world of finite resources and limited time, we aim to break barriers and explore beyond the boundaries.

Imagine a void, filled with endless possibilities.

Now imagine a bridge, connecting that void, to reality.

This is the journey we embark on.

Infinite ideas weave around each other, crafting a tapestry of dreams and design.

They flow, they collide, they merge, giving birth to something fresh and exciting.

We find comfort in the unknown; it's in the infinite abyss where creativity thrives.

Each project is a planet, each concept a solar system, our ideas forming a galaxy of incredible expanse.

In this cosmic theatre, nothing ever ends. Ideas shape shift, evolve and influence one another.

A mesmerising dance.

At this intersection of design and technology, we constantly redefine what's possible.

From Infinity we believe emerges infinite potential.

This is our playfield. This is our realm.

00 Mission.

Our mission is to harness world-class talent in constructing a global creative agency that transcends geographical boundaries. We are dedicated to redefining the industry by developing an infrastructure from the ground up, placing strong emphasis on data, leveraging the latest technology, and anticipating the future of work. Our commitment extends to exploring and shaping the blueprint for the creative agency of the future. Our ultimate purpose is to transform the way creative services are conceived and delivered on a global scale, aiming to create a profound impact in the industry and establish new benchmarks for creativity and innovation.

01 Data

In our pursuit of transformation, we recognize the untapped potential of data within creative agencies. We are dedicated to gathering and harnessing data related to human output for creative tasks, continuously enhancing its utilization. As the world anticipates the rise of AI, we position ourselves at the forefront, preparing to optimize our ability to deliver more efficient solutions. We believe that the foundation of our mission is to cultivate transparency, understanding precisely where human efforts are invested, where focus should be directed, and where AI can intervene to bring about the optimal outcome. This wealth of data further empowers us to estimate the duration of specific tasks, and by extension, entire projects. This insight enables us to propose clear and capped pricing models to our clients based on robust data from past projects. Additionally, by scrutinizing this data, we can evaluate the balance between quality and efficiency in each team member's output. In essence, our mission is not only to revolutionize how creative agencies operate but also to lead the industry with an evidence-based, data-driven, and transparent approach.

02 Team

Our mission is centered on creating a lean, globally distributed team of creative professionals who can deliver optimal output from any corner of the world. Moving against the traditional agency model that equates growth with headcount, we focus on efficiency, quality, and the potent abilities of a senior, skillful team. By adopting a model that minimizes fixed costs and combines it with advanced technology and AI, we aim to achieve a differentiation that goes beyond cost-saving and enters the realm of productivity optimization.The core of our exceptional team is universally appreciated talent. Our remote work framework crosses geographical boundaries, tapping into this global talent pool to foster a diverse and dynamic workforce. As the future embraces remote working arrangements, we position ourselves at the vanguard, leading the transformation of the creative agency landscape. Our team's international composition brings significant benefits: competitive pricing driven by economic diversity, globally relevant perspectives, and critical cultural insights for brands aiming to expand internationally. Furthermore, cutting-edge technology, including high-speed internet and AI-driven tools, enables efficient and seamless collaboration within our team. Thus, our mission signifies the birth of an innovative creative agency model: lean, remote, technology-backed, culturally sensitive, and competitive on a global scale.

03 Economics

Our mission also involves rethinking the economics underlying the operation of a creative agency. Traditionally, mid-to-large agencies yield EBITDA margins ranging from 10% to 25%. We aim to optimize this dramatically, targeting an ambitious +50% EBITDA margin. Our strategy involves minimising overhead costs, leveraging talent globally for economic arbitrage, and maximizing output per hour through advanced technology and AI capabilities. We believe a creative agency can be both profitable and cost-effective, as long as it is holistically designed with efficiency, innovation and global scalability in mind.

04 Accessibility

Central to our mission is the principle of accessibility. Our lean, globally distributed and technology-driven model allows us to offer services at highly competitive prices. We believe in a transparent relationship with our clients, and as part of this ethos, we utilize data-driven models to determine our pricing structure, banishing the opaque pricing boxes traditionally associated with our industry. For our international clients, we adopt purchasing power parity, devising a pricing strategy that makes sense locally but retains our competitive edge. This approach offers a solid platform for us to serve a broad spectrum of clients, from ambitious startups and established multinational brands to nonprofit organizations. In short, our mission is to be an accessible creative agency – one that leverages data, technologies and global talent to deliver top-quality, competitively priced services to clients of all sizes and across all sectors, regardless of geographical barriers. We're here to work with and for everyone, breaking down the traditional boundaries to deliver creative solutions worldwide.

05 Culture

Our final and equally crucial mission is to redefine work-life balance in the realm of creative agencies. We are challenging seventy-hour work weeks, an outdated model that has lingered in the industry for over half a century. Our entirely remote team has the freedom to work from locations of their choosing, providing an optimal environment tailored to their personal preferences. We fervently believe in the capabilities of technology and AI, especially in their potential to make work more efficient and less time-consuming. Consequently, our mission is to ensure that our team members work no more than four hours per day. By doing so, we facilitate a balanced lifestyle where they have ample time to dedicate to their families, pursue their hobbies, or work on personal projects. In our innovative model, a fully utilized team member logs 80 hours a month – a radical but practical new standard that respects both personal lives and professional demands. These utilisation percentages also feed into our data models, aiding us in determining pricing strategies and hiring decisions. In essence, our mission is to create a globally driven, technology-optimized, and data-driven creative agency that is not only accessible and competitively priced, but also cultivates an unprecedented work-life balance. We believe in a world where effective work does not equate to long hours but to smarter, technology-aided processes that respect the sanctity of personal time.

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